Karen Alekyan

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Lives and works in Gyumri, Armenia
Born in 1975, Gyumri, Armenia


1998-2004 Academy of Fine Arts. Yerevan, Armenia
1990-1995 Art College. Yerevan, Armenia
1984-1988 Art School. Gyumri, Armenia

2011 “Solo Exhibitions 2011-2012″ www.laboratoriodeartepostmoderno.yolasite.com,
www.soloexhibitions.webs.com, www.soloartinterview.com Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno,
Archivium Museale. Montevideo, Uruguay
2007 “The future which has passed” ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2002 Art College. Gyumri, Armenia
1989 “After the Earthguake” Venice, Italy

2013 TV has attacked us all our lives… Now we fight back. Now we make our own TV/Nam June
Paik. TV and Radio Company “Odessa”. Odessa, Ukraina
2013 “Face” In the space of high school 12/37. Gyumri, Armenia
2013 “International Book Art Biennial” Islip Art Museum, East Islip. New York, USA
2013 “HouseWorks” Provincial Art Gallery, St. John`s. Canada
2013 “A Book About Death” Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah NSW. Australia
2013 “MailArtBook” Post-Kerkrade All Booklets SOLO, Library Gavere. Belgium
2013 “MailArt DONKEYS” International project. Greece
2013 “Civil Aviation” International MailArt Exhibition. Caracas, Venezuela
2013 “Artistamps Sheets Exhibition” MailArt project in IUOMA. Sevilla, Spain
2013 “Bike, Mail Art & Paper Works” Munster, Germany
2013 “Another Brick in the wall of Hope” Second exhibition, Conclave Gallery. Singapore
2013 “M.ART.IN” Rocchetta dei Murales. Savona, Italy
2013 “ArtiStamps Creators” Project in IUOMA. Netherlands
2013 “Black and White” Project in IUOMA. Italy
2013 IV International Festival of Silent Film and Contemporary Music ,,Mute Nights,, ,”Videosquat.
50m Performance Art” Odessa, Ukraine
2013 “Twenty Five” MailArt Project, 25 Mayo street. Gualeguaychu, Argentina
2013 eSSeRCi SeNZa eSSeRCI (partVI) MailArt Project. Prato, Italy
2007 “Affirmative images” ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2007 “Armenian landscapes in Contemporary Art” Switzerland, Zurich
2007 “Yerevan crisis” ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2006 “Don’t be scared” ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2006 “Armenian international style” “Akanat” gallery. Yerevan, Armenia
2005 Aslamazyan sister’s house-museum. Gyumri, Armenia
2004 Yoint second exhibition. Aleppo, Syria
2004 “Dream in dialogue” ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2003 “STYLE gallery” Gyumri, Armenia
2003 15 Anniversary of Gyumri Earthguake. Aleppo, Siria
2003 “A4″ STYLE gallery. Gyumri, Armenia
2003 “Graphic” Academy of Fine Arts, Gyumri branch. Gyumri, Armenia
2002 “STYLE” gallery. Gyumri, Armenia
2002 Afermative Art ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia
2002 Saad-Abad art center. Teheran, Iran
2001 The State gallery. Vanadzor, Armenia
2001 “STYLE” gallery. Gyumri, Armenia
2001 Boyajyan’s exhibition hall. Yerevan, Armenia
2001 The Tzitoghtsians house-museum. Gyumri, Armenia
2000 The Second International Biennial. Gyumri, Armenia
2000 “The Academy present”. Abu-Dabi, United Arab Emirates
2000 “ISUZ” gallery. Gyumri, Armenia
2000 “Plener” Academy of Fine Arts, Gyumri branch. Gyumri, Armenia

2010 “Progressive Biennale…” VII International Biennial. Gyumri, Armenia
2008 “Feminism” Aslamazyan sister’s hous-museum. Gyumri, Armenia
2008 “Feminism”,Gyumri- Yerevan “One” gallery. Yerevan, Armenia

2012 “Space for Space” Art City, Goethe Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 “Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale” Beijing, China
2012 “A Book About Death” Seattle, USA
2012 “KulturKontakt” magazine, summer 2012, Vienna, Austria
2012 “Feminism” International small size art exhibition, Rome, Italy
2011 “The Ties That Bind, ABAD” New York, USA
2011 “Mini Prints International Exhibition” Laboratorio de Arte Postmoderno, CCF, Uruguay
2011 “View: Armenian Contemporary Art” Yerevan, Armenia
2011 “A Book About Death” New York, USA
2011 “Women in Art” Contemporary Art Laboratory, MVD Uruguay
2011 “Me among my friends-open personalities” the museum M. A. Vrubel. Omsk, Russia