1958 Born in Gyumri, Armenia

1975-1979 P. Terlemezian Art College – Yerevan, Armenia

1985-1991 Art and Theater Institute /Faculty of Graphics/ – Yerevan, Armenia

1991 A member of Painters Union of Armenia

1997 Worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Arts – Gyumri, Armenia


2018 “Dedication” Exhibition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Spitak earthquake, Stil Gallery, Gyumri, Armenia

2018 “Memorial” by Hamazasp Pichikyan, Museum of Aslamazyan Sisters, Gyumri, Armenia

2018 Armenia ART FAIR, Yerevan

2017 “Trait/Dimagits” museum night, Stil Gallery, Gyumri

2017 “People’s Planet”  Depot Gallery, Istanbul

2017 “People’s Planet” Modern Art Gallery, Bursa

2016-2017 “People’s Planet” Depot Gallery, Istanbul, Modern Art Gallery, Bursa, Gallery 25, Gyumri

2016 “People’s Planet” Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia

2016 “Bioengineering Country” Kalents House Museum, Yerevan/ Stil Gallery,  Gyumri / Vanadzor Gallery

2016 “2 + 2” Foundation AYG galerie d’art, Valence, France

2016 “Saints’ Estafet” Tapan Museum, Moscow

2015 “5th Floor”, Metz, France

2014 “Armenian – Japanese Contemporary Art” Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia

2014 Foundation AYG galerie d’art, Valence, France

2014 “Armenian – Japanese Contemporary Art” Ginza 1 Chome Gallery, Japan

2014 Dalan gallery. Yerevan. Armenia

2013 “Chronicle” Dalan Gallery, Yerevan

2013 “Mesure et démesure” galerie-tem, France

2012 Armenian and Japanese contemporary art. Creativity center. Yokohama,Japan

2009 Football Diplomacy interactive project, Gallery25 Gyumri, Armenia

2004 Group exhibition at Akanat gallery – Yerevan, Armenia

2003 Group exhibition at Akanat gallery – Yerevan, Armenia

2002 Group exhibition at “Style” gallery – Gyumri, Armenia

2001 Armenian modern artists’ exhibition – Tehran, Iran

2000 Participating to the 2nd Biennale of modern art – Gyumri, Armenia

1996 Group exhibition of Gyumri artist – Yerevan, Armenia

1996 Individual exhibition,” P .U.” – Gyumri, Armenia

1995 Exhibition at “Gallery Sopt” – Poland

1995 Exhibition at “GALERIE IM KREISHAUS” – Bergheim, Germany

1995 Cooperating with “Gallery 78” gallery –Gdynia, Poland

1994 Exhibition at ”Hamazgayin” center – Toronto, Canada

1994 Cooperating with “Russian art” gallery – Prague, Czech Republic

1992 Exhibition of Armenian modern arts – Jerusalem, Israel

1992 Exhibition of Armenian artists – Vienna, Austria

1992 Group Exhibition of Abu Dhabi cultural and art center – AUE

1992 Cooperating with, Style, gallery – Gyumri, Armenia

1991 International Exhibition, Mairie du lve, – Lion, France

1990 Group Exhibitions, Glasnost gallery – Oslo, Norway

1989 Exhibition at the embassy of Armenia – Moscow, Russia

1988 Autumn Exhibition, the Man and the Nature, P .U. – Yerevan, Armenia

1987 Group Exhibition, 3rd floor, P .U. – Yerevan, Armenia

1987 Exhibition of the Armenian Artists – Stockholm, Sweden