1992 Born in Gyumri, Armenia

2004-2009 Children’s Art School

2009-2012 Belorussian State University, Faculty of Object-space Environment Design

2012-2013 Yerevan State Academy of Fine arts . Faculty of Graphics


2006 12th international art contest in creation of book plates for children, Hlohovec, Slovakia

2006 International Plenary, Krakow-Bukowina-Tatrzanska

2006 Children’s prints exhibition, Lublin, Poland

2009 “Art Session” exhibition, Vitebsk, Belarus

2009 “Full-House” exhibition, BGU, Minsk

2012 Exhibition from Gyumri, Narekatsi Art Institute, Yerevan, Armenia

2012 “Between Mountains and Sea” Exhibition in the Frames of Gyumri 8 International Biennial, Gyumri, Armenia

2014 Art festival “Imag(in)ing The Future”, The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art: ACCEA “NPAK”, Yerevan, Armenia

2014 Exhibition “Gyumri Living Art”, Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia

2014 Armenian & Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gallery 25, Armenia

2014 Exhibition “[in order] to live”, Dalan Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2014 One Caucasus Art Festival, Tserakvi, Georgia

2014 Artist in Public Art Project “The Space of Sculpture”. (Four artist and four children). Gallery 25 , Gyumri, Armenia

2015 First International “ARvesT Expo’15” Yerevan’s Hay Art Cultural Center, Yerevan, Armenia

2015 Solo exhibition “Parda” Gallery 25, Gyumri

2015 Exhibition 25G25 , 25 years German Reunification, Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia

Personal peculiarities

Available and accessible presentation of information, ability of conducting negotiations

Communicational skills and organizational abilities

Ability of working watchful and attentive in the stressed and charged conditions

Capability of fast orientation

Skills of communicating with people and team works

Conscientious and high sense of responsibility with regard to business

Ability of time management, skills of making impartial and objective decisions