1957                     Born in Gyumri, Armenia

1973-1979           Studied at Telemezyan Art school in Yerevan, Armenia

1979-1987           Lived and painted in St. Petersburg, Russia

1987-1990           Lived and painted in Armenia

1990-2003           Lived and painted in Russia



2018      1st Armenian Art Fair, Yerevan Expo, Yerevan, Armenia

2015      “25G25”, Gallery25, Gyumri Armenia

2014       Armenian-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, “The Golden Age” Gallery Yerevan and Gallery 25, Gyumri (initiative of

HI-ARTONLINE project, artist Ara Haytayan and Gallery «Ginza 1 CHOME», Tokyo, Japan

2013      Solo exhibition “Stillness and Enlightenment”, Gallery 25, Gyumri, Armenia

2010      Apricot tree, Bellinzona, Switzerland

2010      Winter Lights, Bregenz, Austria

2010      “Gusana”, Gallery25, Gyumri, Armenia

2010      Gyumri 7th International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Gyumri, Armenia

2008      Gyumri 6th International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Gyumri, Armenia

2001      Solo exhibition at Institute of Art, Moscow and Germany

2001      Gallery “Politra”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1999      Gallery “Anna”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1998      Gallery “Barbara Bots”, Mallorca, Spain

1996      Gallery “Barbara Bots”, Mallorca, Spain

1995      Gallery “Barbara Bots”, Toronto, Canada

1994      Gallery “Barbara Bots”, Dusseldorf, Germany

1993      Gallery “Silver age”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1992      Gallery “Borea”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1992      Solo exhibition at Museum “Marble Palace”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1991      Group Exhibition, Edjmiatsin, Armenia

1989      Exhibition of Armenian Artists, Basel, Switzerland

1988      Spring Exhibition, Yerevan, Armenia

1987      “5″ Exhibition, Gyumri, Armenia